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When you’re looking for a cardiologist or cardiovascular surgeon, you want a specialist who excels, who is recognized and experienced, and who stays current on new technologies. But more importantly, you want one who, amidst all the medical advances, hasn’t lost sight of the most important thing—you, the patient.

Your cardiologist or cardiovascular surgeon should have a constant awareness that you are a parent, spouse, sibling and friend, and that you have people who love you and want you well again.

Our cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons, researchers and Heart Care Center staff are passionate about continually improving the diagnosis and treatment of heart related-diseases. And when you’re in our care, we treat you like family. 

We work hard to improve our ability to care for you, and we apply our research to improve the way we help you every single day. And our goal is always to provide the least invasive option that will bring the best possible outcome with the shortest recovery time.

Leading cardiologists – the latest technology.  

Our highly respected cardiologists and surgeons are skilled in a wide range of cardiac procedures. As a leading Heart Care Center, we’ve got a top-ranked team of cardiologists and the most advanced equipment for diagnosing and treating heart conditions, including many rare and complex disorders.

Our multidisciplinary team of cardiologists and other experts are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of multiple heart conditions.

Other facts about our program:

  • Cardiologists that are recognized experts in cardiology, heart surgery and vascular surgery.
  • A leader in the diagnosis and treatment of arrythmia.
  • Recognized heart attack treatment consistently beats national standards for time-to-treatment.
  • Full range of options for the treatment of atrial fibrillation, including catheter ablation and mini-maze.
  • The region's first Accredited Chest Pain Center that has the highest level of accreditation in the region.
  • A clinic specializing in care for heart failure patients to help them manage chronic heart disease and improve their quality of life.
  • Cardiologists and surgeons who have pioneered cardiac care for decades and perform more robotic and minimally invasive heart surgery procedures than any area hospital.

Your heart is too important to trust with anyone other than our cardiologists and Heart Care Center.

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