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Senior health and wellness coach

We all know we need to live a healthier lifestyle, but what does living a healthier lifestyle actually mean? We’ve heard our doctors tell us to eat right and exercise more, but what does that look like? What actually impacts health and wellness?

The Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging helped us determine that normal changes that occur as we age do not lead to chronic conditions. This is interesting given the fact that 80% of older adults in the U.S. have at least one chronic condition. Genetics is a key component to our health and aging well, but did you know that lifestyle has even more impact? In fact, more than twice the impact!

Are you unsure what, exactly, improving your health and wellness might look like for you but are interested in improving your health, wellness, quality of life, and emotional well-being? Are you unsure where to start? Do you find that what worked for you in the past isn’t having the same impact as it did before?

Michele Buenger, BSN, RN, CSA, CHWC has a diverse background working in the areas of cardiac care, hospice admissions, skilled nursing admissions, post-acute transitions of care, and lifestyle management. Michele also manages and teaches classes for the St. Joseph Health MatureWell Lifestyle Club, which provides educational and social opportunities for learning and support, promoting the highest level of lifestyle modification and self-advocacy for the aging population. 

As a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Michele has the expertise to help you define your lifestyle goals, work on a realistic plan to obtain those goals, and enhance your self-advocacy to improve your health and wellness. 

If you are a current patient of the St Joseph Health system, our Health and Wellness Coach is available to meet with you. Fill out the form below to connect with Michele today!

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