Patient Stories

  • Tommy Clement

    “I did it more for the health benefits. Not being a type II diabetic anymore has been amazing.” My struggle goes back to being a young kid. I had a period where I kind of grew out of it. But in my early 40s, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes that steadily grew worse until I was unable to control it. I tried diet and exercise, every fad diet you can think of, but nothing

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  • Mary "Mike" Hatcher

    “After bariatric surgery, your life will be just beginning!” In 2001, I elected to have gastric band surgery in Houston because I was extremely overweight. My mobility was challenged. Aches and pains were part of daily life for me. Food was a very important thing in my life, but exercise was not. After gastric banding I lost an extreme amount of weight. I was dehydrated and

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  • Candace Watters

    “Here I am almost three years later, and I could not be happier.” Growing up, I was always the chunky girl. After two pregnancies back-to-back and a job that consists of me sitting all day and being provided lunch by clients more often than needed, my weight consistently rose, getting upwards of 300 pounds. I knew it was time to make a change. The turning point for me was when

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  • Lori Coats

    “I was up and moving around in the hospital and back at work within two weeks.” I really didn’t have many of the common health issues obese people have when they elect to have surgery, but I knew it was just a matter of time. I tried everything to lose weight. I knew quite a few people who had the sleeve who had seen very good results. I attended a seminar where all of the

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  • Tammy Michael

    “I highly recommend it (the gastric sleeve procedure). It is definitely the way to go. No doubt.” I never really had a weight problem, but as I got older I developed a health condition that contributed to some weight gain. The real problem started after I had serious car accident. Following the wreck I had several major surgeries which left me feeling terribly bloated and

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  • Alanna Cosgrove

    “Most of my motivation was simply to live better, not to shop in the skinny section.” I was a little chubby as a kid, but that didn’t stop from leading a fairly healthy life through my teens. But still, the struggle of gaining and losing weight was something I was getting tired of; especially by the time I turned 21 or 22. My blood pressure and blood work counts were fine, but

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