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Heart Failure

At St. Joseph Health Heart Failure and Coumadin Clinic, our providers specialize in the treatment of heart failure. As the region’s first dedicated heart failure clinic we offer some of the most advanced heart failure treatments. Our team will work closely with your physician to help optimize the effectiveness of blood thinning medications while minimizing the risks of Coumadin or other forms of anticoagulation therapy.

Our passion. Your heart.

Heart failure treatment is part of our comprehensive cardiac program, and when managed properly with medical supervision, you have a greater chance of improving your quality of life following a heart failure diagnosis.

From initial diagnosis, our specialists work as a team to coordinate your care and monitor your progress. The doctors in our heart failure clinic have extensive experience and expertise in diagnosing heart failure and offer the most advanced heart failure treatments, making our heart failure clinic the only one of its kind in the Brazos Valley region.

Our team will work to safely manage your Coumadin therapy through regular testing. The frequency of your testing will depend on test results. In the beginning of your Coumadin therapy, your blood will need to be tested more frequently until your results stabilize. You will come in for monthly testing once your INR results have stabilized.

Our life’s passion is to accomplish the following for you as you trust us with your heart failure treatment and follow-up care.

  • Alleviate and improve your symptoms
  • Help you avoid hospital stays
  • Educate and support you
  • Improve heart function and the quality of your life

Our Multidisciplinary Team Includes:

  • Cardiac surgeons
  • Exercise physiologists
  • Heart rhythm specialists (electrophysiologists)
  • Mechanical support device specialists
  • Palliative care specialists
  • Sleep disorders specialists
  • Transplant doctors and surgeons

Included as well is our heart failure treatment staff of nurses, nurse practitioners, nutrition specialists (dietitians), physical therapists and social workers.

Our skillful, experienced heart failure treatment team provides out-patient and in-patient care. If you do require hospitalization, your care is directed and monitored by our board-certified heart failure specialists. St. Joseph Health Heart Failure Clinic doctors work with your doctors and laboratory testing facilities to optimize follow-up care and make things as smooth as possible for you.

St. Joseph Health Heart Failure and Coumadin Clinic Clinic. It’s your heart. And it’s our passion.

If you have an emergency, please contact your physician, call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room.

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