Patient Stories

  • Glenn and Janice Shelden

    APR 20, 2021

    For nearly a year, Glenn and Janice Shelden have been playing it safe, doing their best to avoid contracting COVID-19 by staying in their home as much as possible and social distancing when in public. The couple even stopped attending their regular c

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  • Toni Carelock

    “It wasn’t to change the outside. It was to make me well on the inside.” My weight was the one thing in my life I thought I could always control. If I wanted to lose weight I’d lose it. If I didn’t I wouldn’t. But one day I couldn’t lose it anymore. My health grew worse. I developed diabetes, high-blood pressure and other health conditions prematurely. On top of that, I didn’t

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  • Tommy Clement

    “I did it more for the health benefits. Not being a type II diabetic anymore has been amazing.” My struggle goes back to being a young kid. I had a period where I kind of grew out of it. But in my early 40s, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes that steadily grew worse until I was unable to control it. I tried diet and exercise, every fad diet you can think of, but nothing

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  • Mary "Mike" Hatcher

    “After bariatric surgery, your life will be just beginning!” In 2001, I elected to have gastric band surgery in Houston because I was extremely overweight. My mobility was challenged. Aches and pains were part of daily life for me. Food was a very important thing in my life, but exercise was not. After gastric banding I lost an extreme amount of weight. I was dehydrated and

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  • Mary House

    Breast Cancer Patient Finds Hope and Healing, After Stage 3 Diagnosis At the age of 37, Mary House was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. She credits her care team’s empathy, kindness, and commitment for helping to guide her through her harrowing journey. “I’m sure it was a God thing, but when I felt the lump in my breast, I knew something was wrong,” said House, a single...

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  • JoAn Majors

    “Nobody was talking, but everyone was looking at each other. They were very intentional with what they were doing. It was like a beautiful orchestra, where everyone was playing their instrument in harmony. It was so comforting.” Motivational Speaker Experiences Life-Changing Miracle Following Stroke As an expert in soft skills and a motivational speaker, JoAn Majors often

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