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In order to make room for our growing community, our Women’s Health & Maternity team at St. Joseph Health Regional Hospital is moving to College Station Hospital. This move allows our team to continue to care for residents of the Brazos Valley while offering a more enjoyable experience to everyone who walks through our doors.

College Station Hospital’s labor, delivery, and recovery rooms provide extra comfort to expectant mothers, while private postpartum and NICU rooms allow for a more peaceful recovery. This transfer will help us achieve our mission of creating healthier communities while nurturing the healing ministry of the Church in the Brazos Valley.

Our Obstetrics Hospitalist program will continue at College Station Hospital as well. An OB/GYN hospitalist, also called a “laborist,” is a physician who provides 24/7 obstetric and gynecologic in-hospital care to a woman until her primary OB/GYN arrives. Hospitalists provide care for women in labor and delivery, as well as obstetric or gynecological emergency care.

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