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Protected by WATCHMAN.

If you could reduce the risk of stroke and get off blood thinners, what would life be like?

If you have atrial fibrillation, or AFib, you’re probably familiar with the risks that come with taking blood thinners. In fact, about 4 in 5 people taking blood thinners to manage their AFib say they would be willing to try an alternative treatment to reduce their risk of stroke. That’s where WATCHMAN comes in.

As a one-time, minimally invasive procedure, the WATCHMAN device reduces the risk of stroke by 55% and doesn’t come with the same bleeding risks associated with long-term use of blood thinners. From a procedure that takes less than an hour to perform, you could protect your heart and drastically change your lifestyle.

St. Joseph Health is the Brazos Valley’s only provider of this innovative procedure. Contact our team today to see if WATCHMAN is right for you. 

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Learn if the WATCHMAN device is right for you. Contact our team below.

Are you a candidate? Here’s who’s eligible

For people who have AFib that is not caused by a heart valve problem, over 90% of stroke-causing clots that come from the heart are formed in the left atrial appendage. The WATCHMAN device closes off this part of the heart, effectively reducing stroke risk. The following people may be eligible:

  • People with AFib not caused by a heart valve problem (non-valvular AFib)
  • People who have been recommended to take blood thinners by their doctor
  • Those who can take short-term blood thinners, but need an alternative

If you believe you could be a candidate, talk to our team today to see what’s right for you.

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Minimally Invasive Arrhythmia Procedures

We offer advanced techniques to treat irregular heart rhythms. Here are a few examples of our treatments.

Arrhythmia Procedures

  • Pacemaker implantation: a procedure to implant advanced pacing technology to restore the heart's normal rhythm
  • Cardiac ablation: a transcatheter procedure that scars the tissue responsible for arrhythmias
  • WATCHMAN: a procedure to implant a light, compact device that stops stroke-causing clots from forming in the left atrial appendage