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Health Partners' Provider Benefits

St. Joseph Health Partners is positioned to help you navigate the new era of healthcare. Even though some of the logistics are changing, we recognize that the reasons you became a physician have not changed. Your commitment for providing leading edge, compassionate care and building long-term patient relationships is fully supported and empowered at St. Joseph Health Partners.

St. Joseph Health Partners is committed to supporting our physicians and enhancing their lives. We believe this is the only way to meet our vision to:

  • Improve the health of more people in our community
  • Develop a comprehensive network of the very best providers
  • Create a holistic experience focused on the patient’s needs
  • Lower costs and create value

Our model recognizes the symbiotic relationship between primary care and specialist physicians. We believe a strong relationship between patients and their primary care physicians is an important component of improving overall health. In addition, we recognize the importance of specialty care and advanced practitioners in the lives of our patients.

We continually strive to develop our capabilities to help enhance the relationship between you and your patients. Care coordination, holistic health maintenance plans, and not just episodic care, but team development of treatment plans, are all key components.

St. Joseph Health Partners facilitates clinical integration through a culture, and advanced technology, developed to provide physicians with feedback that promotes continuous improvement.

Care Coordination

By providing a seamless experience with care coordination, we’re able to make the provision of quality health care easier for our physicians. Our care coordination model helps patients navigate the healthcare system to more easily get the care they need. The guidance of a St. Joseph Health Partners Care Coordinator ensures a smooth transition in care when patients leave the hospital. In addition, chronic disease management is provided through weekly calls, home visits, and other activities.

Care Coordinators operate as an extension of a physician’s practice, providing physicians with timely reports and updates on their patients. Together, St. Joseph Health Partners Care Team members and physicians form a clinical team that extends care beyond the physician’s office, ensuring that patients are supported in the home and community environment.

Staying Ahead Through Leading Edge Technology

We make significant ongoing investments in technology to help us mange our networks, manage the health of the people we serve, and identify possible gaps in care.

By using leading edge technology, we give our physicians access to information about their patients from all participating facilities. Information can be easily shared throughout our network. A comprehensive patient registry, and a system that stratifies members by risk, ensure that our members get the support they need when they need it most.

Financial Incentives

Our clinically integrated model sets higher expectations for participating physicians. And it allows us to develop new incentives for our most innovative, committed providers.

For example, for providing high quality care in areas of chronic disease management, providers are recognized by insurers, and given enhanced reimbursement for care.

St. Joseph Health Partners also participate in a shared savings model that distributes additional payments when quality outcomes are achieved and costs are reduced for defined people with whom we work.

St. Joseph Health Partners’ networks, with the exception of the Medicare Shared Savings Program, are nonexclusive. Participation in St. Joseph Health Partners' networks does not preclude physicians and providers from participating with other products, programs, or payors.

Join the team that’s leading the way to better healthcare. Contact us about joining St. Joseph Health Partners.

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