3 Misconceptions About Bariatric Surgery

3 Misconceptions About Bariatric Surgery

Struggling to lose weight and considering bariatric surgery? Obesity is a complex health issue to address, and it’s important for you to consider your options. If you’re looking for long-term weight loss, bariatric surgery is one intervention that has proven successful for decades. Here are three of the most common misconceptions about surgical weight loss and the truth behind them.

Myth 1: You will regain the weight.

Longitudinal studies on bariatric patients are finding quite the opposite. Most bariatric patients successfully keep 50 percent or more of the excess weight off long-term. So where’d this myth come from? About half of the patients who undergo bariatric surgery will re-gain some weight (about 5 percent) two or more years following their procedure. But patients are largely in control of their outcomes, and perceived improvements in quality of life go a long way after bariatric surgery.

Myth 2: Bariatric surgery is a ‘cop-out.’

For the morbidly obese, long-term weight loss through diet and exercise alone can be nearly impossible. Bariatric surgery procedures, like gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeve surgery, physically changes the anatomical structure of the digestive system to restrict food intake. This intervention helps offset rapid weight gain from diet and eating habits. On the contrary to being a cop-out, bariatric surgery can be a highly effective way to achieve long-term weight loss goals.

Myth 3: Obesity is an addiction.

Though some believe obesity is an addiction and a surgical intervention would not be effective in addressing it, this is a misconception. The vast majority of severely obese individuals are suffering from reasons unrelated to addictive behaviors. Dr. Bryan Parrent, surgeon at St. Joseph Health Regional Hospital, says, “Weight gain can stem from things like stress, psychological distress, sleep loss, or medications that interfere with a person’s metabolic rate.”

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