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9 Questions to Ask Your Doctor at Your Next Checkup

March 16, 2023 Posted in: Blogs


Visiting the doctor can be overwhelming, but communicating openly is essential. Feel free to ask questions, even about sensitive topics. Your healthcare provider needs a complete picture to give you the best care. Bring a list of questions to your next appointment, and consider asking these important ones. Your health is important and worthy of discussion. Here are nine questions to ask your doctor at your next check-up.

1. What tests do I need?

Discover what screenings or tests you need by sharing your family health history with your primary care physician. Include immediate family members, grandparents, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and half-siblings.

2. How much should I weigh?

Have an open conversation with your primary care physician about your weight concerns. Discuss your lifestyle, health issues, and medications that may contribute to weight gain or loss.

3. Do I need lifestyle changes?

Minor changes to your daily habits can significantly impact your health. Your provider can help you identify improvement areas, such as increasing physical activity or adjusting your diet.

4. Should I keep taking this medicine or supplement?

Talk to your provider about new medications or supplements, and ask if you should keep them. Your provider can also help identify any potential drug interactions.

5. Is this pain normal?

Don't ignore persistent pain or discomfort. Please discuss your symptoms with your provider to determine if there is an underlying issue.

6. How often should I get a checkup?

Even if you're healthy, regular checkups can help prevent future problems. Ask your provider how often you should schedule a checkup based on age and medical history.

7. How do I access my medical records?

Many providers offer online access to medical records, test results, and more. Ask about patient portal access during your next visit.

8. Are my feelings normal?

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you notice changes in your mood or behavior, don't hesitate to discuss them with your provider.

9. Should I worry about my family's medical history?

Your family medical history is vital in developing a prevention plan and screening schedule. Please share it with your provider to ensure you get the best care. Remember, your provider is your partner in health, so be honest and forthcoming.


Communicating openly and honestly with your primary care provider is crucial for receiving the best care possible. Your healthcare provider can act as a mentor, motivator, and ally. Take the first step towards better health by making an appointment at St. Joseph Health for your next checkup.


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