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Community Newsletter

As an integrated healthcare system, St. Joseph Health is dedicated to helping you stay healthy—and when you need healthcare, to get you back to good health as quickly as possible.

Reach is our community newsletter, designed to keep you informed on the latest advances in healthcare, nutrition, exercise and healthy living.  

The latest information on topics that concern you.

Reach is published monthly and distributed via email. Each issue includes expert health tips and wellness advice from St. Joseph Health doctors, nurses, therapists and other professionals with a heart for your health.

Topics covered in previous issues include:

  • Living Well with Diabetes
  • Understanding and Managing Arthritis
  • How Has Orthopedic Surgery Changed in Recent Years?
  • Pregnancy
  • Raising Healthy Children
  • Weight Loss
  • Exercise Myths and Truths
  • Eating Healthy – Even at Restaurants
  • Fighting the Common Cold and Other Viruses

In quick, easy-to-read articles, you’ll hear from experts who live in, know and care about our community. You’ll get practical tips you can use right away, and you’ll gain a quick understanding of topics that may have seemed overwhelming before.

St. Joseph Health is all about understanding you, your healthcare needs and your desire to live well. And we’re doing everything we can to help you live life in good health. Our community newsletter is just one way we’re doing that through health and wellness advice.

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