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Volunteer Assignments

Department Packets for Assignments

Each assignment has a department packet that includes information on where the assignment is, who you report to, contact information, where you sign-in, if there are department orientation requirements and if they require additional online orientation courses. Please select your assignment below and carefully review.

If you are required to complete additional online courses, please do that now before you begin. If you have a required department orientation prior to your start date, you will be emailed with the date/time.  For all other assignments, you will be oriented on your first day.

You are required to print and complete your department orientation checklist (included in packet) with your trainer and return to Volunteer Services for your file.





Cancer Center Patient Assistance

Cancer Center Tumor Registry

Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Rehab 2

Cardiovascular & Stroke

Cath Lab

Critical Care – Nursing

Critical Care Waiting Room

Day Surgery

Dietetics @ Regional

DVS Assistant

Environmental Svs Rounding

ER (Bryan)

ER – College Station

Express Clinic – Bryan

Express Clinic – College Station

General Surgery Office

Human Resources

Infection Control

Infection Control Audit Program

Information Desk

Joint University – Nursing

Labor & Delivery

Laundry Services

Madison Hospital Medical Unit

MatureWell Lifestyle Center

Medical Staff Services

Newspapers to Patients

Nuclear Medicine


Nursing Education

Observation Unit –Nursing

Oncology – Nursing

Orthopaedic Associates Medical Assistant

Orthopaedic Assoc. X-Ray

PACU – Nursing

Palliative Care – Nursing

Patient Access

Patient Access - Packet Count per Unit

Patient Navigator/Health Partners

Patient Portal Ambassador

Patient Transporter

Pediatrics – Nursing


Post Partum – Nursing


Senior Enrichment

Speech Therapy

Sleep Center

Sterile Prep

Stroke Unit – Nursing

Telemetry – Nursing

Tower 3 – Nursing

Tower 4 Nursing

Tower Surgery Desk

Voyager- Hospital Guide



Inpatient Physical Therapy-Acute

Occupational Therapy-Acute

Outpatient OT-Rehab

Outpatient PT-Rehab

Outpatient PT-South College Station

Outpatient PT-Sports Medicine

Outpatient PT-TBSI

Caldwell Occupational Therapy Outpatient

Grimes Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient PT--MatureWell


If you cannot locate your packet, please email [email protected] to request.

Additional Online Courses Required for Assignments

If your department packet lists additional online courses, please complete your assigned courses below.

Department Orientation                                        



Emergency Room Orientation

Emergency Room Orientation Test

Nursing Services Orientation

Nursing Orientation Test

Vital Sign Orientation

Vital Sign Orientation Test

Fall Prevention Orientation

Fall Prevention Program Acknowledgement

Clowning Around Program

Clowning Around Program Acknowledgement

Patient Portal Ambassador Orientation

Patient Portal Acknowledgement

Senior Enrichment Assistant Orientation

Senior Enrichment Assistant Acknowledgement

Caring Canines Program

Caring Canines Program Acknowledgement

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