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Volunteer Policies & Procedures

1.  Read thoroughly every email or document you are given.  All the information you need to be successful and perform your duties is there. 

2.  Assignment Packet - every assignment has a packet.  Each packet details:

  • Where the assignment is located
  • Who you report to
  • Department contact information
  • Uniform requirements
  • Where you sign in and out
  • If you need to complete additional online orientation
  • If you need to attend a required department orientation before your first shift
  • Position Description
  • Department Orientation Checklist (completed at your first shift or at an orientation prior to first shift and turned into Volunteer Services for your file)
  • New volunteers to our system will get their assignment packet in orientation.
  • Continuing volunteers assigned to a new area or to view for reference, may access all assignment packets through website:
  • COVID-19 Vaccination(s)


3.  Health/Immunization Requirements

  • TB (Tuberculosis) screening records-Must have one of the following:
  • If history of negative TB screen—(must have one of the following)
  • Record of two negative TB skin tests (TST/PPD) separated by a week or more-both done within the past 12 months with one of them done within the past 6 months. OR
  • Record of negative TB blood screen (Q-GOLD or T-SPOT) within the past 12 months
  • If history of positive TB screen—(must have all the following)
  • Record of positive TB screen
  • Negative chest x-ray report following the positive TB screen
  • Confirmation of treatment if treated for non-active or active TB
  • Clearance paperwork if history of active TB
  • Influenza vaccinations are required for everyone while volunteering between October 1st through March 31st, yearly.  These are also provided for FREE at any St. Joseph Express (3 locations).  If you begin volunteering between Oct. 1 and March 31, then you will be required to provide proof of vaccination to Volunteer Services before beginning to volunteer. 
  • Covid-19 Vaccinations

4.  What is the dress code?     

College/Therapy Volunteer:

  • St. Joseph Health logo Navy Volunteer Polo (purchased at orientation), khaki pants (NO crop pants, NO denim/jeans, NO leggings or NO shorts), ID badge worn on the chest area, closed-toe shoes with rubber sole (athletic shoes preferred), with socks or hose.

Adult-Non Student:

  • St. Joseph Health logo jacket/vest or polo, khaki pants (NO crop pants, NO denim/jeans, NO leggings or NO shorts), ID badge worn on the chest area, closed-toe shoes with rubber sole (athletic shoes preferred), with socks or hose.

Teen (summer only program):

  • TEEN t-shirt, khaki pants (NO crop pants, NO denim/jeans, NO leggings or NO shorts), ID badge worn on the chest area, closed-toe shoes with rubber sole (athletic shoes preferred), with socks or hose.

All AREAS:  No strong perfume in clinical areas, jewelry to a minimum –earring no larger than a quarter, no visible body piercing – except ear lobes, no artificial nails

Note: Scrubs are required for Cath Lab and Sterile Prep positions only. Scrubs should not have any other company or school logo on them.  No neon colored scrubs. 

5.  ID Badges

Your picture will be taken at your orientation check-in and badges are normally processed within a week.

Your ID badge will be ready for pick up on your first day at the Information Desk located in the main lobby of the Regional Hospital. The information desk is open Monday - Friday 8 am - 6:30 pm.  If you are /volunteering outside of the hospital, your badge will be delivered to your location.

Some departments require /volunteers to have access through secure doors with their ID badge (Nursery, Labor & Delivery, Sterile Prep, Cath Lab, CCU, Day Surgery, both ER's.) A list is provided to security to add this feature to your badge. If you badge does not work, please notify Volunteer Services by email at /[email protected] or contact security.


6. Volunteer Information Center

Allows you to check your schedule, number of hours, update your contact information and check internal messages.

Go to for direct link or access at,  on left side of screen, Volunteer Information Center.

  •  Your log in is your email address and password will be whatever you set up when you applied. If you forgot your password or did not set up a password when you applied, please click forgot password and one will be emailed to you.
    • Click on tab “My Schedule” to view your schedule for the current and coming months.

Your schedule will remain the same until you request a change, or for College and Therapy volunteers, until the end of the semester. 

7. How can I change my schedule?

Volunteer Services is responsible for maintaining all department schedules. Any requests for changes must be submitted by email to [email protected]

  • Please state your current schedule, reason for change, and new availability
  • We accommodate changes on a first come first serve basis
  • We make every effort to fulfill your request

8.  How do I record my volunteer hours?

Volunteers assigned to the Bryan Hospital and Professional Office Building (POB) will sign-in at the hospital information desk. 

Volunteers assigned to Rehabilitation Center: Cardiac Rehab, Sleep Center, Wellness, Physical & speech therapy will sign in on 2nd floor computer time clock by vending machines around the corner from the chapel 

Volunteers assigned to the College Station hospital will sign in at either of the two information desks on the volunteer computers.

Sports Medicine, Orthopedics, and MatureWell volunteers will also have time clocks/computers for volunteers to sign-in on. All other locations will have paper time sheets for volunteers to keep track of their hours. 

9.  Where can I get a record of my volunteer hours?

    Volunteer Services can provide you written documentation. You have two options:

  1. Statement of Service – this is a detailed report of your volunteer service that includes your placement(s), each day you served and how many hours each day.
  2. Letter of Verification – this is a letter stating that you were a volunteer, when you served, the time frame you served, your total hours and it is signed by a Volunteer Services staff member.

You can request one or both by submitting an email to [email protected] or by phone 979.776.5956. 

  • We will email the documentation to you or your designee unless otherwise noted.

10.  What if I am sick and can’t volunteer?

 If you are ill, for the safety and well being of our patients, staff and yourself, please do not volunteer.  Please contact your department directly.  Their contact information is available on the department assignment packet cover page or access through the Volunteer Orientation Access and go to Assignments or call the main number at 979.776.3777. 

  • If you will be out for more than two weeks, please also notify Volunteer Services by email [email protected] 

11.  Where should I park when I am volunteering?

  • At Bryan hospital – parking is available on the 5th – 6th floor of the parking garage. Do not use patient parking areas.

12.  What is my volunteer pin number to sign in on the touch screen monitors?           

Your pin number is your home or cell phone number without the area code  (the home or cell number you provided on your volunteer application). 

13.  For College/Therapy Volunteers - what happens at the end of the semester?

You will be scheduled till just before finals according to TAMU Academic Calendar.  Those that successfully complete their commitment will be invited to return for the next semester.  You will receive an email 2-3 weeks prior to the end of the semester asking if you plan to return for the next semester.  Scheduling for the next semester begins at that time.  Returning volunteers have first choice on the schedule before new volunteers are scheduled, so please respond as quickly as possible.  Once you are a volunteer, you do not have to reapply to return. We will keep your records indefinitely.  If you need to wait out a semester due to a heavy class load, then we can hold your file until the next semester.

14.  How can I get a letter of recommendation?

Because most positions are not directly supervised by Volunteer Services, you will need to obtain a letter of recommendation from the staff you work with. If you need a letter, please request it at the end of the semester. 

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