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Patient benefits

Our St. Joseph Health Partners providers work together to coordinate your care needs, including preventive, outpatient, inpatient, acute hospital care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, home health services, and palliative care. We are your advocate and adviser throughout the healthcare process. It's a system that has proven to help smooth the experience for our patients and control costs, all while dramatically improving quality of care.

Care Coordination provides a seamless experience

By providing a seamless experience through care coordination, we're able to consistently provide quality health care for our patients. Our care coordination model helps you navigate the healthcare system to more easily get the care you need. The guidance of a St. Joseph Health Partners Care Coordinator ensures a smooth transition in care when you leave the hospital. In addition, chronic disease management is provided through weekly calls, home visits, and other activities.

Care Coordinators operate as an extension of a physician's practice, providing physicians with timely reports and updates on their patients. Together, St. Joseph Health Partners' care team members and physicians form a clinical team that extends care beyond the physician's office, ensuring that patients are supported in the home and community environment.

Staying ahead through leading edge technology

We make significant ongoing investments in technology to help us connect our providers, manage the health of the people we serve, and identify possible opportunities in care coordination.

By using leading edge technology, we give our physicians access to information about their patients from all participating facilities. Information can be easily shared throughout our network, so your care can move along smoothly and efficiently.

St. Joseph Health Partners gives you definite advantages

When you choose a St. Joseph Health Partners physician or provider, you gain a collection of resources and a team committed to our community. St. Joseph has been serving the Brazos Valley for over 80 years.

Our physician network is one of the most comprehensive in the area. With more than 250 providers that include primary care physicians, advanced practitioners, and specialists, our providers are well-networked and committed to making sure you get the care you need.

With St. Joseph Health Partners, you'll have access to some of the best specialists in the nation. Orthopedics, cardiology, neurology, oncology, women's, and more –all with the expertise to provide you with advanced care using the latest technology.

With multiple physician office and clinic /locations, several Express Care clinics offering extended daily and weekend hours, and the highest level of emergency and trauma care in the region at our hospitals, St. Joseph Health Partners is committed to delivering the kind of care you and your family need.

There's more to our commitment to you:

  • Convenient /locations
  • Same-day appointments
  • Express Care clinics with evening and weekend hours
  • User-friendly Patient Portals make it easy for you to manage your appointments, access your records, and more

St. Joseph Health Partners. We're all about better healthcare, because we're all about you.

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