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Maturewell 5 Beneficial Fitness Activities For Seniors

Sep 25, 2017

As you age, participating in fitness activities can positively impact your physical and emotional health. No matter what shape you’re in, there are plenty of ways to get moving. Start in the comfort of your home or enjoy the benefits of group fitness at CHI St. Joseph’s Health MatureWell Lifestyle Center. If you want to feel energized and strong, revamp your fitness routine with the following five beneficial fitness activities for seniors.

  1. Yoga
    Practicing yoga allows you to focus on your breath as you slowly move your body through a series of postures. Yoga can help minimize hypertension, build your balance, strengthen your bones, protect your joints, reduce anxiety, and improve your willpower to keep your weight in check.
  2. Tai Chi
    Tai chi, a martial art, uses simple and slow sweeping movements. This gentle exercise activity can help you ease chronic pain, improve balance, and aid in stress relief.
  3. Balance
    Balance exercises can be as simple as shifting your weight to balance on one foot while you’re standing in your home or out running errands. Leena Kodali, MD, Medical Director for our MatureWell Lifestyle Center, says, "Adding balance activities to your daily routine can help keep you on your feet, improve your stability, and prevent falls."
  4. Strength and Toning
    Strength and toning exercises can be done at home or in a group fitness class. Weight-bearing exercises can make you feel confident and strong, while increasing muscle mass and bone density to help prevent osteoporosis.
  5. Core Strength Training
    Strengthening your core (your abdominal and back muscles) requires no fancy equipment. Doing core strength training on a mat on the floor can improve your balance, posture, stability, coordination, and help you reduce chronic pain.

Ready to get up and get moving? Browse MatureWell’s studio schedule to try each of these activities, or request a tour to see our first-of-its-kind facility that caters to the needs of adults 55 and older.

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