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Burleson Healthcare Council

St. Joseph Health Burleson Hospital is so much more than a hospital. It’s an atmosphere of comfort, service, solutions and healing. St. Joseph Health’s Burleson Hospital Healthcare Council exists as a self-imposed system for holding ourselves accountable to our patients, staff and community while continually improving the way we serve.

The Burleson Hospital Healthcare Council is dedicated to the following principles:

  • Holding ourselves accountable to our patients, staff and community in regards to operating morally, ethically, and in a spirit of respect and service
  • Holding true to our unwavering commitment to improving healthcare for all patients and family members
  • Truly listening to our patients, families, staff and community members, allowing their input to give us direction
  • Respecting the group process of the council as the powerful tool that it is
  • Respecting views that are not in line with our own or with industry norms
  • Empowering council members to openly share their ideas and views

The Burleson Hospital Healthcare Council exists so that we can best serve the health needs of the residents of Burleson County. St. Joseph Health regularly gets feedback and suggestions on healthcare services from the Council. This feedback is carefully considered and often implemented.

Local members of the council include:

  • John Smith
  • Judge Keith Schroeder
  • Judy Harris
  • William O'Brien
  • Norris McManus
  • Del Barker Stigler
  • Don Murray
  • Jeannie Price
  • Dr. Kia Parsi
  • Lawrence Vavra
  • Pastor Richard Brunk

    Burleson County Hospital District

    The Burleson County Hospital District is a governmental entity established by Burleson County voters under Texas State statute. The elected members of the Burleson County Hospital District Board include:

    • Robert Lee
    • Barbara Drgac
    • R.C. Hermann
    • Kirk Chapman
    • Connie Suehs
    • Deanie Gold
    • Michael Bennett
    • Micky Martinez
    • Jeannie Price
    • Waylon Edwards
    • Don Royder

    The Burleson County Hospital District has a partnership with St. Joseph Health to operate the hospital and clinic facilities in Caldwell, Texas.

    St. Joseph Health—holding ourselves accountable and improving every single day.

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