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An emergency care doctor talks with a man as he lays in a bed in the emergency room.

Serving Our Community

St. Joseph Health is recognized as the region’s leader in emergency and trauma services. An integrated part of this team, Air Med 12 transports patients to hospitals throughout the region—including hospitals in Houston, Austin, and Temple—and provides critical care transports from our hospitals to outlying areas.

Rapid Response in Any Emergency

Our experienced team and advanced aircraft are designed to respond quickly in any emergency, with blood and other supplies on board. Patients benefit from centralized emergency dispatch and medical direction under the region’s highest-rated emergency and trauma center.

As the designated 911 service in many of the communities we serve, St. Joseph Health is able to prelaunch Air Med 12 through advanced protocols, saving minutes of response time when they matter most.

Advanced Training

St. Joseph Health Air Med 12 is specially trained to intervene medically in the field and throughout transport. In addition to earning external certification, our EMS team members also receive dedicated academy training in St. Joseph Health emergency centers to master life-saving interventions. This additional training supports our team in delivering a high standard of care and creates a seamless transition of care from our emergency centers into other areas of our hospital.

Community Education and Support

Air Med 12 is also committed to supporting emergency responders throughout the Brazos Valley, providing comprehensive training in acute care and trauma intervention, including Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS). Working closely with our EMS team, they also provide emergency medical support for community events.

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