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An emergency care doctor talks with a man as he lays in a bed in the emergency room.

Our EMS Team

Immediate Care in Any Emergency

Timing and expertise are critical in an emergency. St. Joseph Health Emergency Medical Services is here, providing life-saving medical ground and air transport when families throughout our region need it most.

Linked to the region’s leader in emergency and trauma services at St. Joseph Health Regional Hospital Emergency & Trauma Center in Bryan, Texas, our team of EMTs and Paramedics are trained to provide the best care available, as quickly as possible.

Our Team

When minutes count, our team of skilled EMTs and paramedics bring you quality care with seamless transport to quality providers of your choice. Trained in the same standards and protocols used by the highest-accredited Emergency & Trauma Center in the region, St. Joseph Health EMS offers expert care patients can trust for stroke, heart attack, and other medical emergencies. Serving thousands of families across six counties, St. Joseph Health EMS offers dependable care and access to the highest standard of care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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