Weight Loss Support Group

You’ve invested greatly in weight loss surgery. You’ve carefully considered your options. Made a decision and followed through with it. You’ve disciplined yourself to make healthy changes. Now, let us help support your efforts to continue losing weight and staying healthy.

Our support group will help you stick to the plan that your St. Joseph Health registered dietitian helped you create. And everything about our support group is designed to help keep you on track long-term. Lead by an experienced and knowledgeable surgical weight loss expert, this group will be your strength when you need it, and your source of answers when you have questions. Group members will encourage you, challenge you and help you reach your goals.  

Our Support Group meets every month for members to discuss their experiences and share tips they’ve learned. Prospective patients are encouraged to attend a meeting and see – firsthand – how bariatric surgery can change their lives.

Post-op patients are weighed and their body fat percentage is determined. This information helps ensure that the inevitable weight loss that occurs after surgery is composed of body fat rather than bone mass or lean muscle tissue.

Guest speakers discuss helpful topics, such as nutrition, exercise, emotional wellness, and more.

Support Group Schedule

At this time, we are not hosting in person support groups        

*Topics are subject to change.

St. Joseph Health. Your trusted medical weight loss partner. Let us help you live a healthier, more active life.

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