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In our mission to create healthier communities, we encourage you to browse our resources to find healthy tips and tools to use on your weight loss journey. Our collection of digital resources can help guide you toward a healthier lifestyle along with your most important resource—your St. Joseph Health physician. Feel free to schedule an appointment with your partner in health.

BMI Calculator

Calculate your Body Mass Index by using you height and weight.


Find information and articles about all things bariatric in our online resource base.

Insurance & Payment

Our Insurance Experts know the ins and outs of qualifying for bariatric surgery. And will happily handle the paperwork for you. From pre-approval to processing claims, they do it all.

Support Group

Our support group will help you stick to the plan that your St. Joseph Health registered dietitian helped you create. Everything about our support group is designed to help keep you on track long-term.

Am I A Candidate?

Bariatric surgery could be your way back to living life as you choose to. If you’re ready to stop letting obesity hold you back, let us help you make an informed decision about bariatric surgery.


Bariatric surgery is a major decision. This list of frequently asked questions will be a good start toward understanding the different bariatric surgery techniques.

Featured Updates

Everything You Should Look For in a Weight Loss Center

AUG 17, 2021

When looking for a bariatric surgeon, it is essential to focus on factors like physician experience and support, along with how well you trust the surgeon.

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8 Benefits of Bariatric Surgery Besides Weight Loss

JAN 18, 2021

When it comes to the benefits of bariatric surgery, there’s more than meets the eye! We asked Dr. John Mason, bariatric surgeon at St. Joseph Health Regional Hospital, to share the most common benefits his patients experience after a weight loss proc

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