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Labor & Delivery

Having a baby is a very personal experience. And we believe in making it special, safe and as comfortable as possible for you and your family. Whether it’s just you and your husband, or you want to find ways to include your other children or your parents, we’re devoted to caring for you and your family at every turn.

The Labor and Delivery team of St. Joseph Health is honored to be a part of your childbirth experience and we take our responsibility to you and your family extremely seriously.

Each mom experiences childbirth differently. That’s why we offer a labor and delivery experience that is catered to you and keeps you in control.

We encourage you to write out a birth plan ahead of time and include such things as medication, hydration and lighting preferences. We will support you with as little or as much intervention as you would like. If you share your birth plan with your doctor and labor and delivery team we’ll do our best to honor everything we can while keeping the health and safety of you and your baby in careful consideration.

Built for your comfort—the most advanced labor and delivery experience.

With input from our patients, we’ve created birthing suites in our Labor and Delivery Center that are warm and inviting. With state of the art supplies and equipment, each suite is ready to welcome you and your family with everything you’ll need for a smooth, safe delivery.

Each post-partum room has a guest bed available, which allows your labor and delivery partner to remain with you. Private telephones, upgraded televisions, music, and internet access offer first-class accommodations during your stay.

Our maternity hospital also offers additional services for babies through our advanced special care nursery. The 38,800 sq. ft. renovation of our Women's Center, which includes our maternity hospital, rivals even the largest of advanced urban hospitals.

Each pregnancy is unique and the St. Joseph Labor and Delivery Center offers services and facilities to accommodate various levels of prenatal and post-partum care, including:

  • 5 Long-Term Ante-Partum Rooms
  • 12 Labor, Delivery and Recovery (LDR) Rooms
  • 2 C-Section Surgery Suites
  • 23 Private Post-Partum Rooms
  • 2 Triage Rooms (to assess and reassure expectant mothers, prior to admission)

Low-Intervention Birthing Suites

The low-intervention birthing suites at St. Joseph Health are designed to give women with low-risk pregnacies the option to have a natural, home-like birthing experience at the hospital, with minimal interruption from the medical staff or technology.

These birthing suites are open to all women who meet the low-risk pregnancy qualifications. Comprehensive tours of our Labor & Delivery services are now being offered. Learn about the tours and education classes and how to register.


At St. Joseph Health Maternity Services you can pre-register for your stay. This will make checking in when you come for delivery smoother and faster. Just complete the simple form and you’ll be that much more prepared when the day comes for you to meet your baby.

With the labor and delivery teams of St. Joseph Health Maternity Services you can expect excellent care every step of the way.



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