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Pre-Delivery Resources

Once you’ve decided you want to have a baby, there are things you can do to prepare your body and make the whole pregnancy and delivery experience easier for you and your baby.

At St. Joseph Health Maternity Services we offer both pre-pregnancy and pregnancy education with opportunities to learn about how to prepare for pregnancy, labor and delivery.

As your big day approaches, here's how to get ready.

Our pregnancy doctors and maternity teams have put together some steps you can take to prepare for pregnancy and delivery.

Childbirth education classes and activities.

St. Joseph Health offers classes and activities to prepare you, your spouse or support person for childbirth.
Learn about the classes and how to register.

Find a doctor for your new baby.

You’ve chosen a great pregnancy doctor for you and your baby, but choosing a primary care physician for your baby is also an important decision. Like parents, each doctor has a unique personality and style. It’s important to choose a physician who accepts your insurance and is a good match for your family and parenting style.

Babies can be seen by a pediatrician (a physician who specializes in the care of children) or by a family medicine provider (a physician who cares for the entire family). Find a pediatrician or family medicine provider.

Create a birth plan.

A written birth plan allows you to specify your preferences during labor and communicate them to your partner, your pregnancy doctor and delivery team ahead of time.

Your birth plan may include:

  • How you would like your baby's gender announced
  • The baby's name, if already decided
  • Lighting and sound levels in the labor room
  • Birthing assistance you prefer (birthing bars, birthing balls, massage, shower)
  • Type of hydration you prefer (IV, ice chips)
  • Type of pain medication, and how it should be offered
  • Fetal monitoring (must have at least 20 minutes per hour)
  • Breastfeeding or formula-feeding
  • Circumcision of male baby


While honoring your pregnancy doctor’s directions we will work to also honor your choices and include you in all decisions related to your care. But please understand that your options may change due to the medical condition of you or your baby.


At St. Joseph Health Maternity Services you can pre-register for your stay by filling out the digital form below. This will make checking in when you come for delivery smoother and faster. 

With the pregnancy doctors and staff of St. Joseph Health, you can expect excellent care from the very beginning.

Pre-Registration for Maternity Patients

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