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A cancer patient and her oncologist discuss the next steps in her treatment plan.

Cancer clinical trials, studies, and research in Bryan, TX

The St. Joseph Health Cancer Center continually participates in the research and development of new and different treatments for cancer. Over the past several years, advances in technology have opened many new avenues for investigating alternate treatments that were previously unavailable.

Our exceptional cancer experts work together across the full range of cancer research – from basic biology, to advanced treatment – as they pursue new and better ways to reduce the burden of cancer.

We participate in cancer research studies and clinical trials in several ways. One way is through Southwest Oncology Group, which is involved in national and international studies. In addition, research is done in conjunction with pharmaceutical companies and also with studies from M.D. Anderson, where patients are registered with M.D. Anderson, but are treated and followed at St. Joseph Health. A constant flow of studies in these areas means that research trial opportunities are continuously being opened for our patients.

The St. Joseph Health Cancer Center, through its research team, is active in finding patients to take part in the trials, administering the treatment or drug being studied and following up on the patients after the trial is concluded.

The current studies we have in progress are as follows: 

  • Treatment and anemia in stage IV non-small cell lung cancer
  • Biomarkers in stroke

 For information about enrolling in a research protocol at St. Joseph Health Cancer Center, please talk with your physician. We are devoted to finding better ways to fight cancer. 


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