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A cancer patient and her oncologist discuss the next steps in her treatment plan.

Resources for cancer patients in the Brazos Valley

At St. Joseph Health, you'll have access to support and services designed to help you navigate the treatment and recovery process. Our compassionate team of specialists will guide you every step of the way.

A dedicated social worker is available for our patients who need help with any barriers they may have, including:

  • Financial assistance
    • Copay assistance with drug companies
  • Drug assistance
  • Psychosocial support

Financial support for cancer patients

In addition to cancer doctors and other cancer specialists who are fully dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with compassionate care and support throughout the healing process, the social workers at the St. Joseph Health Cancer Center offer help with the financial aspects of dealing with cancer.

At a time when you’ll need all your energy to overcome cancer, the last things you need to add to your plate are financial worries and paperwork. That’s why we’ve designated a full-time expert to help navigate insurance providers, file paperwork, and follow up on your behalf.

We will help you plan your finances and find resources for meeting the additional expenses involved.

We’ll help you evaluate other resources, including:

  • Government assistance
  • Pharmaceutical patient assistance programs
  • Cancer support organizations
  • Other organizations and resources


Not only will we explain your options, but we will also complete and file forms and documents and handle communications with your insurance company, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies. To speak to someone on our team, please call (979) 776-5923. We’re devoted to your care and your peace of mind.

Cancer prevention tips

Oncologists and other specialists universally agree that making good lifestyle choices is the best form of cancer prevention. Taking steps like eating a healthy diet, staying physically active, and protecting your skin from the sun are a few ways you can reduce your risk of cancer. Regular screenings are another prevention method and helps catch cancer in its earliest stages, finding it in a more treatable stage.

Additional support services

Our multidisciplinary team is here to help patients and their families with other types of support as well. Cancer specialists in every discipline, including social work, nursing, physical therapy, and exercise therapy, are available to you as one of our patients.

Services before, during, and after cancer treatment

  • NCCN screening, an evidence-based tool to assess for any barriers to cancer treatment
  • Advanced palliative care and pain management services
  • Hospice care
  • Valet service
  • Support groups
  • PET therapy is available in both the radiation oncology and medical oncology settings (both outpatient and inpatient)
  • The St. Joseph Health Wellness Program offers treatment options to cancer patients. Cancer doctors can make direct referrals for the following services to best meet each patient’s individual needs:


Physician referral

If you're a physician looking to refer a patient to St. Joseph Health Cancer Center, fill out the form here

Contact the St. Joseph Health Cancer Center

  • Oncology Nurse Navigator: (979) 776-3983
  • Social Worker: (979) 776-5923
  • Breast Health Navigator: (979) 731-5221

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