Radiation Oncology Services in Bryan, Texas

Radiation therapy targets specific cells, usually cancer cells, while preserving as many normal surrounding cells as possible. It’s used to reduce the size of a cancer before surgery, destroy remaining cancer cells following surgery, or as a patient’s primary treatment. It can also be used in conjunction with chemotherapy. 

Based on your specific cancer and overall health, your doctor could choose to use external beam radiation therapy — the most frequently used for cancer patients — or internal radiation therapy. During external beam radiation therapy, a radiation oncologist uses a machine to aim high-energy beams of radiation from outside the body toward the tumor. For tumors or cancers of the brain, neck, lungs, liver, spine or certain other parts of the body, stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) may be used. SRS uses precisely focused radiation beams for treatment. During internal radiation therapy, radioactive materials are inserted at the site of the cancer within the body. This placement can be temporary or permanent. Talk to your doctor to learn what therapy is recommended for you. 

Our Radiation Oncology Team 

In cancer treatment, physician experience is a critical piece of your care. At St. Joseph Health Cancer Center, Dr. Jamie Pawlowski and Dr. Scott Goble, two accomplished and recognized oncology radiation specialists, are part of the multidisciplinary care team that contributes to your cancer treatment plan. 

These physicians are members of St. Joseph Medical Group and specialize in the treatment of seventeen different types of cancer using thirteen different therapies. And because their practice is right here at St. Joseph Health in the Brazos Valley, that means the very best is close to where you work and live.

Jamie Pawlowski, MD

Dr. Pawlowski recently joined St. Joseph Health Medical Group. Following her graduation from Texas A&M, she worked at several top cancer centers including Baylor Scott & White and MD Anderson. She also served as Chief Resident in Radiation Oncology at Mays Cancer Center, part of UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Scott Goble, MD

Dr. Goble has been on the medical staff for St. Joseph Health for decades and has extensive experience with the team at Regional Hospital. Additionally, he is an assistant professor in the department of Radiology at the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine.

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