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A senior man and his grandchild finish playing basketball at the playground.

It Takes a Pro to Treat a Pro

Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Podcast


Bringing together some of St. Joseph Health’s greatest minds from disciplines including orthopedics, sports medicine, physical therapy, and athletic training, It Takes a Pro to Treat a Pro is your monthly opportunity to learn about the mechanics of your body. Whether you’re 20 and training for your first 5k or you’re 70 and an arthritis diagnosis has changed the way you interact with the world, this podcast features relevant guest speakers and interesting content that can help you reach your goals and achieve better health.


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“I’m thrilled to co-host this podcast with Sam. One of our goals at St. Joseph Health is to help build healthier communities, and this will give people the resources they need to make more informed choices about their bodies.”


“I’m excited to have this opportunity to help people at all stages in life understand the way their body works. From topics about choosing the right workout to preventing common injuries, this podcast has a little something from everyone.”


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