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A male jogger takes steps to live a healthy lifestyle after undergoing weight-loss surgery.

Where Weight is Lost, Hope is Gained

The First Step to Better Health

Interested in learning about surgical weight loss options? Our online weight loss seminar allows you to take the first step to better health on your own schedule.

Watch the complete seminar video and then answer the questions. Once you’re finished, a representative will contact you with further information about your insurance coverage and how to set up your initial appointment. We’d love to talk with you about your goals and desires for your life, and the questions that are on your mind about bariatric surgery. The caring team at St. Joseph Health is excited to meet with you!

Online Bariatrics Seminar

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Weight Loss Surgery - St. Joseph Health - Bryan, TX (Ste 310)

(979) 774-3232

2700 E 29th St, 
Bryan, TX 77802

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Interested in more information, contact our Surgical Weight Loss team at (979) 731-6050.

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