MatureWell Lifestyle Club

The MatureWell Lifestyle Club...The first choice for a new generation.

The MatureWell Lifestyle Club is a program for people age 50 or over. That offers a generous selection of valuable discounts, activities and events, in-hospital privileges, and much more.

Our mission is to provide older adults with the information and opportunities to develop healthy lifestyles for an optimal quality of life through meaningful education, wellness, health, volunteer opportunities, and social activities at our hospital and in our community, while also providing a forum for fellowship.

The MatureWell Lifestyle Club represents our commitment to meet the needs of seniors by providing them with opportunities to continue to live the healthiest, most fulfilling lives possible. It is our goal to offer seniors in our community an outlet where they can participate in activities and share common interests with other seniors, while at the same time promoting health and wellness. If you are 50 years of age or older, we welcome you!


Adults 50 or older are able to join.

St. Joseph Health Customers:

  • Membership is FREE for patients of our hospitals, medical group, and skilled nursing facilities, Assisted Living residents, and former Gold Medallion members

Non-CHI St. Joseph Health Customers:

  • 3 month FREE trial that includes the following benefits:

    • MatureWell Resource Center
    • MatureWell Health and Education Program
    • After 3 month trial, non-CHI St. Joseph Health customers will pay $25/year - will include all benefits

To learn more about the MatureWell Lifestyle Club, please call 979-731-6126.

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